Mystery dick symbols spotted in parks using Google Earth

Everyone loves a good Google Earth easter egg, especially when they’re dick-shaped.
First spotted by Reddit user u/adrianmtb and reported by publisher Broadsheet, a collection of phallic symbols have appeared on three parks in the northeast of Melbourne, Australia.
Three penis-shaped glyphs were flagged as visible at T W Blake Park in the suburb of Preston. We checked, they’re thereBroadsheet clocked the biggest of the three at 122 metres (133 yards) long.

Boom.Image: MASHABLE SCREENSHOT / GOOGLE EARTHNews outlets have compared the glyphs to Peru’s renowned (and also mysterious) Nazca Lines, a perplexing ancient collection of geoglyphs — zig-zagging straight lines, geometric figures, and renderings of animal and plants — which can only be really viewed properly from above. Read more…More about Conversations, Australia, Melbourne, Parks, and Vandalism