Twitter hater says he’d rather drink pee than coconut water, and Vita Coco follows through

Brands uh, really are going for it nowadays. 
Vita Coco, for one, had us all screaming when they responded to a hater who tweeted that he’d rather drink their social media manager’s pee than consume Vita Coco’s coconut water. Instead of simply moving on, the company mustered up all its BDE and had a staffer urinate in a jar, post a photo of said pee, and ask for the hater’s address.
How the hell did we get here?
Heavily opinionated Twitter user Tony Posnanski took to the platform in March to share some hot takes nobody asked for, including an attack on coconut water. In yet another “unpopular opinions” post, he tweeted, “Coconut water is disgusting. Even if it is from a baby coconut.”  Read more…More about Drama, Coconut, Brand Twitter, Culture, and Web Culture