Frequently Asked Questions (Themes)

Q: Is There any Domain related Restriction?

A: No, there is no “Domain” or “number of sites” related restriction.

Q: How Many Browsers do you Support?

A: We support all major browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc.

Q: Are templates Search Engine Friendly?

A: Yes, we implement organic SEO techniques for Higher Rankings.

Q: Can I modify Templates/Websites/Themes for my clients?

A: Sure, there is no such restriction, you can design them in any of the cms.

Frequently Asked Questions (Social Media)

Q: How much time to complete the orders?

A: All orders will complete in 24 hours. Sometimes takes more time

Q: Can I cancel an order?

A: No, orders are permanent, cannot be canceled by admin

Q: Is my social media password required?

A: No we don’t need your password.

Q: Can I get a discount?

A: We do not offer any discount, the prices that you see are the prices that you get!